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What Is Kindling?

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Where do ideas come from? Your people!

In meetings, in emails, on whiteboards, over lunch—your people are discussing ideas.

How does your team keep track of these ideas?

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How do they discover which ideas will have a meaningful impact on your business?

Do you have a process to identify the best ideas before you implement them?

Meet Kindling by Spigit

A web-based innovation solution where your team’s ideas develop.

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“Kindling has been instrumental for us, bringing the ideas swirling around in our heads into one place where we can discuss and evaluate them—and then act!” — Etsy

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How Kindling Works

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Ask a question

Kindling is intuitive and easy-to-use software that allows you to pose questions and challenges to any subset of your organization to cultivate the ideas that will make your company thrive.

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Get answers

You hire your people because they’re smart. Organize your team’s contributions around a category or a time-sensitive problem, ask specific questions, and let the smart people you’ve hired suggest, vote on, and develop ideas to solve business problems in a canonical, searchable, visible place.

From “on-the-ground” associates to senior-level executives, Kindling helps smart businesses leverage insights from all levels of the organization.

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“Crowd sourcing based ideation platforms have become part of NBCUniversal’s innovation DNA. The Kindling platform’s simple and easy-to-use design, performance, and customization capabilities make it a good fit for us.” — Sanjay Macwan, SVP & CTO, Media Labs, NBCUniversal
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Find the Best Ideas

When an idea seems to have some promise, advance it through a customizable workflow that vets it with key stakeholders, such as compliance or IT. Find out what’s feasible—or not feasible—early so your team only works on solutions that will matter. Put all feedback and ideas through a codified process so you can trust the results.

Kindling makes it easy to apply your experts’ perspectives to your team’s ideas, so you can use real data to make a confident decision—and then communicate to your team exactly why you’ve made that decision so that they’ll remain engaged.

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“I’ve seen so many innovation programs implement technology as the magic wand of innovation, but Kindling is the full package.” — Peter Williams, Deloitte

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The Kindling Application

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Configurable for users no matter where they are in the world, or what language they speak, Kindling allows your entire team to stay engaged in suggesting and discussing ideas.

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Kindling by Spigit works as a secure, reliable, and extremely easy-to-use web app on any device, from anywhere. No training required.

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“I love Kindling! We have team members across 7 different offices, so making sure the entire team has input into the product roadmap and that there's transparency on what we're working on is a difficult problem. Kindling helps us solve this issue and we've had some fantastic product ideas that were born in Kindling.” —Gemmy Tsai, Head of Product at Hired
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No Training Required

Easy-to-use idea creation, voting, commenting, and media upload tools keep your people engaged in the most relevant conversations.

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Focus on What's Relevant

With an unusually high signal to noise ratio, including personalized notifications that will email you exactly as much as you prefer, Kindling ensures that people see the things they need to see, but won’t spam your employees with endless notifications.

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Make Great Decisions

Powerful but quick decision-making and reporting tools give moderators the information they need to act and a clear path forward.

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Integrates with Your Organization

A host of enterprise authentication options, custom branding, regulation-compliant security features, and a well-documented API make it easy to build Kindling into your innovation program.

But Kindling is more than just software…

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Kindling Drives Success

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The key to a successful innovation effort is structure.

Sima Shimansky

Innovation Experts

Kindling’s real, live innovation professionals will help you achieve your goals by sharing their expertise in guiding customers to success.

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Kindling Academy

In addition to Kindling’s in-house experts, we also provide a complete library of best practices, helpful articles, and inspiration to ensure that your innovation program is a success.

Solve problems and invent new things.

Discover, discuss, evaluate, and decide on your next great idea, with Kindling.

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“Right at the beginning, Kindling is the fundamental opening door to everything we do in terms of innovation. Bubbleball was our first success with Kindling. It came a lot sooner than we expected, and it was something that Kindling allowed us to be prepared for.” —Mahdad Taheri, Founder, TVI & Bubbleball

Demo Kindling by Spigit

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