Pioneer Program

If you’re a startup founded within the last four years, we’re happy to offer Kindling Team for free, forever, for up to 50 users—sign up now.

At Kindling we admire the pioneering spirit of challenge and entrepreneurship, so we make it easier for you to succeed with your great ideas. Get Kindling Team.

Kindling is a better way to share and discuss ideas.

No matter what challenges your business faces, your employees are constantly coming up with ways to solve them. Kindling offers a place to discover those ideas, discuss them with team members and key stakeholders, quickly and methodically evaluate their impact on your business and budget, and decide on the best ideas to put into action.

Whether you need to quickly crowdsource solutions to a pressing problem, organize feedback from your employees or customers, facilitate collaboration across team boundaries, or reliably turn 100 good suggestions into one or two great ones, Kindling can help.

Kindling Team is our industry-leading enterprise-level idea management software, packaged for self-service. With no need for a credit card, today or ever, eligible startups can roll out Kindling Team to their employees and be up and running immediately—zero training required.