As a Kindling Partner, you can maximize your impact as a consultant or vendor by offering industry-leading idea management software.

Offer your clients a complete innovation package to demonstrate and solidify your expertise.

  • Champion Innovation to Clients
  • Build Sustainable Innovation Strategies
  • Measure and Prove Your Value to Clients
  • Help Clients Foster a Collaborative Culture

“We chose Kindling for their simple, flexible software to support our innovation-DNA injection projects, but we also got a true partner. Kindling works with us as one team to promptly respond to new customer challenges.”

— Henrique Ahnfelt, Managing Partner, Ahnfelt Consultores
  • Reseller Partners

    Strengthen your value proposition by providing a complete innovation solution to clients.

  • Referral Partners

    Add a revenue stream to your business without increasing your operational costs.

“Synergy between DaamInno's experience and Kindling’s software helps our clients turn innovations by Saudi universities into small and medium enterprises that contribute to a brighter future for faculty, students, community, and the Saudi economy.”

— Jamal K. Al-Dabal, Chairman & Co-Founder, DaamInno

Why Kindling?

  • Powerful idea management

    The most intuitive idea management software on the market allows customers to discover, discuss, evaluate, and decide on their best ideas. From ideation to execution, Kindling sets clients up to succeed in innovation.

  • No training required

    Kindling engages your client’s busy users instantly with its frictionless design on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Kindling puts the ability to contribute in users’ hands regardless of the screen they’re holding.

  • Faster, more informed decision-making

    Clients use Kindling’s robust evaluation tools to leverage their team’s expertise to make better informed decisions and realize their team’s next great idea—demonstrating real results for your clients.

  • Protect client data

    Multiple levels of security protocols and user permissions ensure security and protection for all your client’s intellectual property, in addition to supporting regulatory compliance.

  • Dedicated partner management

    Each partner account gets a real human being from Kindling to help guarantee your clients’ success—from onboarding, to sharing best practices, to answering all support needs.

  • Integrates seamlessly

    Kindling integrates seamlessly with culture, tech, systems, and processes. It’s lightweight, plays nice with your other platforms, and accommodates custom workflows to maximize usability with minimal hand-holding.

Speak to a Partner Manager

Through Kindling’s Partner Program, we work together to build sustainable processes for innovation and help our customers achieve amazing outcomes.