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“Right at the beginning, Kindling is the fundamental opening door to everything we do in terms of innovation. Bubbleball was our first success with Kindling. It came a lot sooner than we expected, it was something that Kindling allowed us to be prepared for.”

— Mahdad Taheri, Founder, TVI & Bubbleball
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“Kindling has enabled the big thinkers in our organization a chance to lay their ideas out for everyone to see. It is also a home for those that enjoy the scientific or market based dialogue to participate from any part of the globe at any time of day.”

— Rick Michelman PhD, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Michelman
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“With today's rapid technology advances, consumers expect innovative products quickly – and companies must engage employees to meet these expectations. Crowd sourcing based ideation platforms have become part of NBCUniversal’s innovation DNA, inspiring employees to collaborate across boundaries. The Kindling platform’s simple and easy-to-use design, performance, and customization capabilities make it a good fit for us.”

— Sanjay Macwan, SVP & CTO, Media Labs, NBCUniversal
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“I love Kindling! We have team members across 7 different offices, so making sure the entire team has input into the product roadmap and that there's transparency on what we're working on is a difficult problem. Kindling helps us solve this issue and we've had some fantastic product ideas that were born in Kindling.”

— Gemmy Tsai, Head of Product at Hired
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“Kindling has been instrumental for us, bringing the ideas swirling around in our heads into one place where we can discuss and evaluate them—and then act! It’s allowed us to reinforce the flat nature of our organization at Etsy by surfacing ideas from unexpected places and from employees collaborating outside of their normal expertise.”

— Etsy
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“We're using Kindling to allow more people than ever before to collaborate on building the products our customers want. The clean design provides a venue for communication that anyone can easily get started with.”

— Terrence McLean, President & COO at Insight
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“Life before Kindling was pretty much the dark ages. We used an email alias, ideas, and emailed all of our ideas to that address. Multiple people monitored the inbox, there was no history or way to identify any actions taken or not taken. It was a mess.”

— Grey Garner, Market Strategist at Emma
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“At iMentor, we pride ourselves on being a learning organization. As we’ve grown, we’ve had to consider how our approach to learning and innovating needs to change. Ideas need a place to collide and get better—across levels of the organization, across departments, across zip codes and time zones. We chose Kindling as the space where this can happen.”

— Josh Clayton, Associate Director of Learning Initiatives, iMentor
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“If you are looking for a simple product that does one thing well, I’d highly recommend Kindling to collect and manage ideas across your company.”

— Teresa Torres, Vice President of Products at After College
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“Being able to point our team to the open innovation community input is key, especially for new employees.”

— Philip Forget, CTO at Readability

A few other customers thriving with Kindling.

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