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Michelman provides the testing and engineering behind innumerable products, like paper, film, inks, and adhesives, from everyday household goods to specialized industrial ingredients used all over the world. Since their laboratories and product…
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Your Company Is Losing Vital Ideas

People throughout every organization, at every level, have ideas every day that could potentially improve your business on any of a wide variety of levels. A delivery driver might notice that route assignments are inefficient because he shares…
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Led by founder Mahdad Taheri, TVI focuses mainly on the bread-and-butter business of their client-based media and marketing work, but Taheri always knew their team had the creativity necessary to be more than a design and development group. He wanted…
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Readability, a reading platform for the web and publishing tree-shaker, is improving the experience of reading on the web and providing an avenue to support writers and publishers on the Internet.
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US Department of Veteran Affairs

Whether it’s providing medical care to a Vietnam veteran, processing disability claims for a Gulf War Marine, or helping a deployed soldier provide for his family, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs’ purpose is to provide veterans and…
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Motley Fool

There are big ideas and then there are small ideas that make a big impact. The Motley Fool originated as a small idea by two brothers, Tom and David Gardner. It was a 16-page investment newsletter sent out to 1,000 friends and family (only 37 of whom…
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Because of Kindling, many of the VaynerMedia’s conversations around ideas take place on the web instead of in costly meetings. And when they do meet, ideas have already been reviewed, vetted and polished. This gives VaynerMedia a leg up on their…
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Creating and recreating a positive company culture is a complex process. With a growing technical talent shortage and a competitive hiring market, employee retention has become a priority that often hinges on office culture. Industry leading…
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The Vancouver Dodgeball League

With dreams to go international, they turned to the social innovation software that scales nonprofits and businesses of every size—Kindling.