David Ashby

What Security Means at Kindling

Last week’s excellent 99% Invisible podcast detailed the history of locksmithing and lockpicking, and, as a consequence, the historically anomalous 70-odd year period when a concept called “complete security” existed. You should listen to it in full…
Chris Pappas

Why Kindling Uses React.js

As a small but growing software company, we have to spend our engineering resources where they are most beneficial to our customers. Fortunately, there are many giants on whose shoulders we can stand through their contributions to the open source…
David Ashby


On Monday, April 7th, a major bug in the popular SSL library OpenSSL was announced, generally known as Heartbleed. The vulnerability, in a nutshell:
Garrett Kalleberg

Kindling’s Support for Communications Archiving

The topic of regulatory compliance may not exactly be exciting, but when one of our financial services customers came to us with the requirement of secure messaging of all user communication to a message vault, it became clear that the need to store…
Tim Meaney

The Most Important KPI Metric for SaaS

While building Kindling, we've instinctively focused on the user's experience with our product. Over time, we've become more sophisticated in our ability to track the true impact of our efforts on the user's experience through the introduction of a…