Garrett Kalleberg

Design as Mission

Design has been “misconstrued as decoration or as an embellishment.” 
—Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator and Director of Research and Development, MoMA, in an interview.
Tim Meaney

Noise-Canceling Headphones for Your Enterprise Software

Software product follows one strict trend: some common activity or function—formerly accomplished manually or offline—is systematized, a market is proven, and a handful of competitors rush in to solve the problem in similar but distinct ways. Quickly…
Tim Meaney

The Kindling Community: Partners in Design

A little over a week ago at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, Kindling hosted a Sneak Peek for the relaunch of Kindling3, a redesign of our flagship innovation software product. It was an amazing event, where we got to show our friends and partners the final…
Tim Meaney

The Design of Kindling: Recommending Relevant Ideas

There is one universal truth we’ve uncovered while working with customers over the last four years: everyone is busy. Toy companies, federal agencies and financial services firms; CEOs, Product Managers, new hires; salespeople in the field and…