Sima Shimansky

Kindling's Roadmap & Transitioning to Spigit

Following up on the announcement of our acquisition by Spigit, we are sharing the Kindling product roadmap and our plans for ongoing support. The Kindling and Spigit teams are working diligently together to ensure that the transition goes smoothly, but if you have questions along the way, you can reach out to your Account Manager or to

Kindling’s Product Roadmap

There will be two more releases of the Kindling platform as we continue to bring you the most-requested features, as well as enhancements. Our beginning-of-March release will improve participant engagement in your innovation program, while the mid-April update will emphasize expert participation. We will also make it easier to export all of your data from Kindling.

Following the April update, Kindling will go into maintenance mode, during which we will deliver only critical fixes to the platform.

Kindling Product and Support Roadmap

Your Upgrade Path to Spigit

We will be working with each customer individually to plan for your upgrade to the Spigit platform on a timeline that makes sense for you.

How does Spigit compare to Kindling?

Spigit is an enterprise-grade innovation platform already in use at over 500 enterprises worldwide. Most of the new features and functionality on your wish lists are already available through Spigit and in particular, you’ll be able to:

  • Ask targeted questions with customizable idea submission forms
  • Maintain ultimate control over each innovation challenge with unique branding opportunities and phased rollouts (the ability to designate distinct phases for idea submission, voting, etc.)
  • Make smarter decisions with Pairwise voting and Predictions
  • Save time with workflow automation where state changes are triggered automatically upon meeting specific criteria
  • Easily demonstrate results to Executive Sponsors with visual, custom-tailored reports

Kindling Support

As Kindling is developed through March & April, Kindling Academy and will continue to be your go-to locations for help and support questions. With the mid-April update to Kindling, we will guide you and your participants over to the Spigit support site for assistance with all things Kindling.

Spigit offers a robust support site with the ability to report issues, ask questions, and search the knowledge base (which will include Kindling Academy) all in one place. You can even reach our support staff for immediate assistance using the chat button at the bottom of the screen! Backing this support experience, is a support team at-the-ready to answer questions about Kindling and Spigit, as well entire teams dedicated to strategy and customer success.

Sima Shimansky
Chief Product Officer, Kindling by Spigit