Tim Meaney

Kindling and Yammer Partner to Power Social Innovation

Think back to the last time you had an idea for something relating to your product or service--what was your first instinct? You likely ran the idea past a few interested people to get their perspective and start to build support.

Responses to your idea may have been: You should read this article, it’s along the lines that you’re thinking, or We tried this at my last company, it was a disaster...here’s why or I’ve thought something similar, but in my view of this we should send all salespeople to the conference, not just the leaders.

Organizational innovation is a social process

Ideas are a conversation, both in reality and within Kindling. An idea, particularly in the context of an organization (think bosses, capital, deadlines, business cases, buy-in), evolves through interaction with others. At each interaction point along the way something is gained: a new perspective.


The idea of conversation is the organizing principle of our product

Enter Yammer. Yammer is an enterprise social network experiencing rapid adoption by organizations large and small. Yammer seeks to replace email as the main method of distribution of information within the enterprise, increasing transparency and the flow of information around the organization.

Events broadcast in Yammer are great opportunities for a conversation: a new hire, a new marketing campaign, a new customer, a new idea. Let the conversation begin.

We’re very happy to announce that Kindling is Yammer’s newest innovation partner

This relationship is great for both products / companies: for Yammer, the value of their product increases the more relevant, important content flows through. Integration with partners is a great strategy for acquiring more relevant content.

For Kindling, we want your ideas to be wherever your people are—in email, on their commute via their phone, and in their internal social network.

How our integration works (in a nutshell)

A Kindling Administrator turns on Yammer integration for their Account. This is an authenticated handshake using OAuth2, and is safe and secure. Once integrated, ideas and Campaign announcements, the most important, conversation-starting events in our product, are pushed automatically to the main Yammer feed.

Kindling Yammer Integration screenshot

Moderation events on the idea, such as approval, are pushed into Yammer’s activity stream. These events might start a conversation in Yammer and will pull more people into the source system for the content, to vote or participate directly on the idea.

See Kindling + Yammer in action

If you happen to be at in Atlanta today, stop by Yammer on Tour and meet services specialist Bill or our CTO Garrett. They would love to discuss Kindling, our integration with Yammer and social innovation with you.

If you're not in Atlanta, contact us, we'll schedule a time to discuss and show you Kindling integrated with Yammer.

(photo credit Marc Wathieu, flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcwathieu/2979581445/)